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Local For Sale Thread

17 min 50 sec ago
I'm familiar with the classifieds section, as we all are, but can we have a LOCAL thread? I've seen a few threads started in the Georgia forum but always felt bad starting one myself, I know we all shop the classifieds (shipping), and craigslist (local...crazies), but I think we'd all prefer local access/information. We likely KNOW each other as well which only increases the chances of finding something or selling with someone we trust. Guilt prefaced: Thanks

Redtop Rumble Registration is Open

17 min 50 sec ago

Auuuugh - I almost forgot - should be open for a few more minutes.....

Augusta 70.3

17 min 50 sec ago

Augusta 70.3 is a week out and no topics or discussion on the Georgia Forum?  This is a Tri sight right?

I'm not racing it, but figured there would at least be some discussion or questions.

So here is a topic starter, what do you think about the swim situation?  As I understand it, the river had been closed for swimming because of "a substance seen in the water".  Don't know what substance apparently, but now it is reopened.  I do know the Savannah river is notorious for pollutants and a lot of industry, paper mills, etc, dump into that waterway.  I don't believe I'd want to swim in it.  Maybe they could find a better option for future races.

And another thing, I know WTC is expanding and adding races, but why a 70.3 and full (Chattanooga) on the same day in the same region?  The two are less than 4 hours apart driving distance. 

Eleven - Lake Oconee

17 min 50 sec ago

Has anyone done this tri before?  Would like to get thoughts / tips on the course from someone who has done it before.


Hot Dam Olympic & Sprint - Evans GA

17 min 50 sec ago
Is anyone doing this race: setUpEvent's Hot Dam Olympic or Hot Dam Sprint ,

Masters Swim - Westminster and Midtown Athletic Club

17 min 50 sec ago
Can anyone provide info on either of these masters swim groups? Schedule, cost, coach, how to contact? Thanks!

Go McQ - Team USA @ Germany!

17 min 50 sec ago
McQ is on his way to Germany to race as a member of Team USA at the ITU World Off-Road Championship! What an HONOR to represent the US in another country!

Kiawah Island Triathlon

17 min 50 sec ago
Has anyone completed the Kiawah Island OLY? If so, can you share your thoughts on the race (course, organization, etc.). Considering it for a "first" OLY tri.


17 min 50 sec ago
I've done 13 triathlons since 2011 - 9 sprints between 2011-2012. Nothing in 2013.

Silver Comet advice - out & back vs. repeats

17 min 50 sec ago
I have a 6 hour ride coming up on my schedule, and planned to do it on the Silver Comet. Unfortunately, I've never been there (on the wrong side of town for me). Since I'm not familiar with water stops, bathrooms, etc., I'm looking for advice on the best way to ride it:

Macon Double Sprint Triathlon : Official Thread

17 min 50 sec ago
who's in? looks fun challenge

If I'm not a cyclist, is a fitting just a fitting? (Atlanta LBS question)

17 min 50 sec ago
I'm new to triathlons & my only bike right now is a MTB. I've been looking at going straight into a tri bike since I am not a cyclist & do not plan to be a cyclist (I'm a runner), so I have no need to go the road bike route first since group rides & other rides are not something I want to do.

Duluth, GA ride

17 min 50 sec ago
Hey BTers,

GA Olympics in the Spring

17 min 50 sec ago
Hi all, just a quick question while maybe these are fresh on your minds from this year.

Open Water swimming groups

17 min 50 sec ago
Not sure if this is the right place to post but looking for people to swim with in open water in Canton, GA area.

Introduce yourself: Georgians

Fri, 2014-11-21 07:25

This is the official place to introduce yourself to the Georgia BT community. We are a very active community. Look for Local to Georgia discussions, group work out announcements, and lots of other things discussed.

Copy the form and fill it in!

Athleta Iron Girl Atlanta Women's Triathlon : Official Thread

Mon, 2014-11-03 10:05
Is this race still on?

Peachtree city sprint cancelled

Sat, 2014-09-20 07:10
In case the news isn't out there Kim decided to cancel the Peachtree city sprint race in August due to the train issue that effected the supersprint and international in May. Lake Peachtree is likely not going to be full by the august date of the sprint which would have forced the race back over to Lake McIntosh where the May race was held. Kim said in an email that since they could not guarantee the trains would not run during the race she would rather cancel the race than have that impact racers and finishing times. I appreciate the concern for a first class race and hope the Lake Peachtree issue will be dealt with soon so the races can go back to their normal locations (and I can get some open water practice!)